Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bowling and Pulling Teeth

When me and Justin get bored we go bowling because it's cheap. Justin is good. I just look good.

Then i had my wisdom teeth taken out and i looked like this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Salt Lake City Half Marathon

Justin and i went down to Salt lake last weekend to run the half marathon and 5k and we had a blast!

The night before the run we met up at Olive Garden with a bunch of guys Justin works with to load up on a ton of carbs, it was delish.

Waiting around before the run, I was SO nervous!

We made it!

And then we had the RICHEST, CHOCOLATIEST, most DELICIOUS milk shake i have ever had the pleasure of eating. And after that we had a big fat burger and fries at In-N-Out....and later we met up with some of his friends and dined on a juicy bacon and cheese burger at Red Robbin.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's and Flying

For Valentine's weekend Justin and I drove down to Salt Lake City to eat at Rodizio Grill and oh my heck it was so delicious. Then we went to go see Wolfman. Bloody. Gory. Perfect for the weekend of hugs and hearts. Then on Valentine's day we went over to Justin's parents house and had dinner and then i forced Justin to watch Time Traveler's Wife with me. All in all it was a fun weekend.
Last weekend we were having pretty good weather so Justin's dad decided to take his plane out for a spin and he invited us along. I have no idea what kind of plane it is but holy smokes it is small. There were 3 big guys plus me riding in this thing. We put on our headsets, buckled our seat belts, i was told that, no, my seat cushion will not transform into a flotation device in case of an emergency, Justin's dad goes to start the plane and.....nothing. The engine is dead. Well long story short, apparently you can hand start this plane, there is a generator that will kick in in case the engine fails, and no, the engine cannot stop while you are in the air. At least that is what the guys told me to calm me down because i was freakin out by this point.
But Justin's dad has been flying planes for over 25 years i thi
nk so i knew i was in capable hands. Plus Justin said if we started to go down we would just throw out the excess weight which would be the 2 guys in front. I wanted to get more pictures but our camera died.

Idaho from above!

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