Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 months

I am back from the blogging dead! We'll see how long it lasts. These past three months since Cora was born have been so busy, fun, tiring, AMAZING, and full of learning all sorts of new things for me and Justin. I had such a smooth labor and recovery and Cora has been a very happy easy baby. I have loved watching her grow and see her learn new things every day. A few things about Miss Cora Paige:

her swing
sucking on her fingers
her daddy's voice
her car seat
sitting up and looking around

She does NOT like
her pacifier
any delays in meal time
tummy time
getting her boogers sucked out

We just love her so much and can't get enough of her cute face and sweet personality. Being a Mother is definitely as challenging and rewarding as people say it is, and i wouldn't change it for the world!


  1. Well, I am all caught up on your blog! :) So glad you are a blogger!! :)

  2. yay! Missed you! Got to get my hands on that doll! It was good talking to you the other day. Love ya!

    -oops this is Sarah, I guess Corey is still logged in on my computer.

  3. wow. that was weird! i thought to myself, "i am sure i never saw this post before. not while i was awake at least." and then i got scared that i was a sleep-blogger. whew.

    anyway, she is just so beautiful. and a girl who knows what she wants.

    and who likes their boogers getting sucked out?


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